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“Why dig up the past?” “But aren’t you Chinese?” “Ha! Good luck being an immigrant!” The Chrysalis Chronicles follows the roots-seeking adventure of Chrislyn Choo, a Malaysian Chinese American storyteller, as she explores what it means to truly embrace your multicultural heritage. Given constant pressures to fit into one box or nation of origin, how do you be “all of your parts” at once? What paths have your ancestors taken to multiply the opportunities you now enjoy? How do you celebrate their stories and also overcome generational trauma? Through candid vlogs and cross-cultural conversations with sojourners along the way, join Chrislyn's quest to “sing the songs of her ancestors” and document the diverse paths from identity crisis to healing. 


CHRISLYN CHOO hails from Princeton, New Jersey, where she was raised by Malaysian Chinese parents from Penang, food capital of the cosmos! Between bites of charcoal-singed char kuey teow and freshly scooped coconut, she grew up on a robust “see-food diet” spiced with stories of generational sacrifice and success. Although she didn’t learn the word diaspora until college, with relatives scattered across four continents at any given time, Chrislyn has always felt “at home” anywhere and nowhere. The Chrysalis Chronicles traces her journey to rediscover her roots and document how international migrants find home and belonging. 


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