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So you've made the leap. You're living overseas; living the dream. Now what? Once the honeymoon period ends, and friends back home stop being excited and impressed by your courageous leap to find your fortune in a foreign land, things start to get real. How do you build a life overseas? How do you thrive? Michelle Ibarra, APAC & Oceania Community Manager for Girl Gone International, interviews the women who are killing it overseas to learn how they did it. Season 1 is all about community- why we need it, how we can use it to get a leg up, and how the best community leaders make theirs work.

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A California girl living her best life in Shanghai, Michelle Ibarra is a passionate community warrior. During her more than 10 years overseas, she has built and supported numerous organizations including Girl Gone International, TEDx, and her newest endeavor, Podbabes. An educator by trade and a fledgling business owner by interest, Michelle thrives on building and nurturing connections among migrants from diverse backgrounds. It’s while doing this work that she noticed similar questions and themes popping up, inspiring her to build a resource that can help women at any stage of their move - from inspiration to taking your expat experience to the next level - survive and thrive in their new homes. On Pop Abroad, Michelle talks with the women who are killing it overseas, unpacking the common issues that everyone faces after they take the leap, as well as sharing solutions and best practices. Let's get poppin’!

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