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Where is home? What is "Home?" Nearly 260 million people live outside the country of their birth- the largest & most widespread scale of migration that our species has seen in modern times. Long-understood notions of home, family & culture are quickly evolving- sometimes in ways that can seem frightening to people who have never lived overseas. Migratory Patterns features conversations with the fascinating people blazing this new trail for humanity, discussing their reasons for leaving their places of origin and how their identities are evolving as a result.


A 7th-generation Bostonian, MIKE SHAW never imagined that he'd ever live outside of his home city. But after he heard a voice in his head that said, "F*ck it! We're moving to China!" he set off for Beijing and has never looked back. Often amazed at just how much living overseas was changing him, Mike began to wonder about other expats- how was the act of migrating changing them? Was everybody's definition of "home" and sense of identity shifting, or was it just him? And if if it's not just him, why don't we see more conversations about this incredible change happening out in the open? Migratory Patterns is Mike Shaw's attempt to have that conversation, and with almost 260 million migrants in the world today, each with a unique experience, this could take a while...