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Welcome to Migration Media, where we tell the stories of the migration experience! Whether you're on a full-ride expat package, or hiking to a neighboring country on foot, we all feel the same cultural shocks and challenges to our identity. Migration Media is the place where we talk it all out...


MIKE SHAW - CEO, Managing Editor
A veteran of the communications industry since 2002, Mike has worked in a range of capacities in the areas of politics, client relations, and cross-border PR & Marketing, where he spent over 10 years helping Chinese companies tell their stories to foreign audiences. A 7th-generation Bostonian, Mike moved to Beijing in 2008 and has come to embrace his identity as an international migrant. Almost as soon as he arrived he found himself immersed in the vibrant, energetic culture of the city's expat scene and within months was working on community-building projects. From organizing week-long festivals, to co-founding social clubs, to organizing the local vegan community into a market-driving force in the city’s western food space, he always looked for ways to create spaces where expats could come together and feel a sense of belonging. Establishing Migration Media is an extension of that work. He has also served as a principal or advisor for several start-ups and NGOs. He currently resides in Bali, Indonesia.

In addition to his company duties, Mike is the host of Migration Media's flagship podcast, Migratory Patterns.

MICHELLE IBARRA - Director, Community & Partnerships
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Michelle also hosts Migration Media's Pop Abroad podcast.