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Welcome to Migration Media, where we tell the stories of the migration experience! Whether you're on a full-ride expat package, or hiking to a neighboring country on foot, we're all experiencing the same cultural shocks and feeling the same challenges to our identity. Migration Media is the place where we talk it all out...


MIKE SHAW - Founder, Managing Editor
A veteran of the communications industry since 2002, Mike has worked in a range of capacities in the areas of politics, client relations, and cross-border PR & Marketing, where he spent over 10 years helping Chinese companies tell their stories to foreign audiences. A 7th-generation Bostonian, Mike moved to Beijing in 2008 and has embraced his new identity as an international migrant. Almost as soon as he arrived he found himself immersed in the vibrant, energetic culture of the city's expat scene and within months found himself working on community-building projects ranging from organizing week-long festivals, to co-founding social clubs, to connecting the local vegan community with restaurants, bars & other businesses to create a new category in the western food space for those who want to cut animal products out of their diet. He has served as a principal or advisor for several start-ups and NGOs, in addition to his job as a global communications consultant for large Chinese companies.

In addition to his management duties, Mike is the host of Migration Media's flagship podcast, “Migratory Patterns”.

BRENDAN DAVIS - Chair, Advisory Board
Brendan was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and began his film career in the Southeast US in 1990. He moved to Los Angeles in 2002 and has since been a producer on many award-winning films that have premiered or played at the Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, and other top film festivals. Brendan has been co-located in Beijing and Los Angeles since 2013 and has lived full-time in China since May 2016. Brendan was Founder & CEO of award-winning production company Tangible Entertainment (L.A.), COO of marketing and PR firm Luthier Society, Inc. (L.A.), and Co-Founder & CEO of production consultancy Kilin International (L.A., Beijing, NZ). Between 2010 to 2016 he was a faculty member in the Producing, Film, Acting, and Cinematography programs at the New York Film Academy's academic headquarters in Los Angeles. In 2016 Brendan moved to China and served a year as Chairman of Adamas Film International in Beijing and was a guest lecturer at the Beijing Film Academy.

Currently, Brendan works internationally as a freelance writer, director, producer, and consultant and is an occasional on-air contributor to CGTN's "Culture Express" discussing the intersection between China and Hollywood. Most recently, Brendan directed an upcoming documentary for Chinese television and is in development on his next film and TV projects.

Davis created, produces and hosts the popular podcast “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom" and co-created "How China Works" with Yingying Li.

Chrislyn is an unapologetic student of story. A US-born filmmaker, photographer, and writer, she amplifies global migration journeys, from artists addressing displacement in Colombia, to tracing her own family's roots in Malaysia and China. Fascinated by how cultural narratives shape our brains and behavior, Chrislyn graduated from Duke University in 2016 with degrees in neuroscience and film. An artist at heart, she went on to craft Emmy-winning videos with StoryDriven and social media campaigns for the STORY Conference and Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Before, of course, moving to Beijing to explore her multicultural heritage. In addition to her role at Migration media, Chrislyn is the Multimedia Content Officer at My China Roots, the world's leading Chinese genealogy company. In perhaps her most "meta" season of life yet, she feels lucky to tell the stories of Chinese people overseas who are on their own inspiring journeys to trace their ancestry and bring their roots to life. 

Chrislyn is the host of The Chrysalis Chronicles, a Migration Media docuseries following her roots-seeking adventures.